Officials with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center are reminding parents and dog owners about the hazards of dog bites.

Stephanie Heitsch, CRMC Injury Prevention Coordinator says parents should remind their kids not to tease dogs and to act like a tree-or be totally still-when approached by a strange dog. Heitsch also says kids need to know that dogs generally don't like hugs and kisses, especially when it involves face to face contact. She says while people might interpret the actions as a show of affection, dogs will often find the actions threatening.

Heitsch says parents also need to supervise interactions between kids and dogs, especially if the children are toddlers. And she says dog owners should spay or neuter their dogs, because such animals are less aggressive.

She also advises dog owners to train their pets using positive methods and to keep a close watch on your dog around children, even if you don't think the dog will bite. She also says if visiting children are bothering your dog you should seperate the dog and the kids just to be safe.