Cheyenne Regional Medical Center has received a $14.2 Million grant to improve medical care across Wyoming. Phyllis Sherard is Executive Director of the Wyoming Institute of Population Health, the division of CRMC which is administering the action plan. She says the three year program will aim to create a series of '"medical neighborhoods" across the state in an effort to make medical information and expertise available in a state where many residents are isolated from various aspects of medical care.

She says one facet of the plan is the physicians desktop solutions, which will provide access to medical specialists via the internet. Other aspects of the action plan include virtual pharmacists who will be available online, as well as registered nurses who will help vulnerable patients transition from hospital care to life at home or in a nursing home. The grant was awarded through the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. CRMC was one of 107 successful applicants out of a total of 3000 medical facilities across the nation who applied for the money.