Dave Chaffin is back from his day off to host another great Morning Zone Program today.

7:07AM MDT: Crime and Law enforcement columnist, Jim Kouri returns today to tell us about a report released on Friday, stating that a government watchdog group revealed that the Obama Administration gave a former director at the scandal-ridden left-wing front group, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now -- otherwise known as ACORN -- nearly half-billion dollars to assist “struggling” homeowners in President Barack Obama's home state of Illinois.

7:37AM MDT: Tom Bevan is the co-founder and Executive Editor of RealClearPolitics. RealClearPolitics' gripping second eBook on the 2012 election provides fascinating insights behind the pivotal moments in the campaign and the rise and fall of each of the candidates. ELECTION 2012: A Time for Choosing, written by Executive Editor, Tom Bevan, and Washington Editor, Carl M. Cannon, is a front row seat through the brutal nominating contest that led Romney to becoming the GOP candidate for president, and how his team and his opponent are preparing for the onslaught this fall.
Prior to launching the site in 2000 with Princeton University classmate John McIntyre, Tom worked for nearly a decade in the advertising and communications industries. In addition to overseeing the editorial staff and writing regular features for RealClearPolitics, Tom’s  work has appeared in numerous publications and he is featured frequently as a political analyst on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, the BBC.

8:07AM MDT: Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Dale Steenbergen is back to update us on those things effecting our economy and business environment here in Cheyenne and across Laramie County and southeast Wyoming. Dave will ask Dale to give the Chamber's view on the contraversy between the DDA and the City Council over the DDA budget and role.