The owner of  the New Jersey based credit repair and protection company Better Qualified says there is nothing wrong with credit cards if they are used properly.

But he says the cards unfortunately tempt some people to spend more then they can afford. Paul Oster says it's always a good idea to have a card or two available for financial emergencies. And he says people who use the cards regularly but keep the balance at 10% or less of their credit limits don't usually run into serious financial problems.

But Oster says for many people the temptation of having the card available leads them to overspend, leading to a situation where they are often not paying the principle and falling deeper and deeper into debt. Oster says some studies  indicate possession of a credit card leads to an average increase in spending of 18 percent in comparison with people who pay cash for purchases.

He says the other pitfall with credit cards for some people is that as soon as they begin paying off one card, they receive offers for others and end up in a never-ending spiral of debt. Oster advises that if you do want a credit card, you should be wary of offers you receive in the mail and should instead search out a card that works for your financial situation.

He says credit card companies that contact potential customers without being asked often don't offer the best deals, so a little research might be helpful before choosing a card.