The Cheyenne Police Department is taking applications for it's Citizen's Police Academy Course which gets under October 23.

Spokesman officer Dan Long says the free course covers topics ranging from constitutional law to crime scene processing. Additional subjects will include such things as defensive tactics, traffic enforcement and building searches. Long says many of the subjects covered will include ''hands-on'' activities. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, agree to a background investigation, have a valid drivers license and complete a waiver of liability.

Space is limited to 30 valid applicants, but as of Wednesday Long said there were still slots available in the class. Applicants can register at the Cheyenne Police Department website. The class will meet on Wednesday nights through January 8, 2014 except for holiday weeks.

Long says the main reason the department offers the class is to educate the public about police work and clear up the many misconceptions people get about it from television shows and movies.