The Cheyenne Police Department now offers online reporting through the department’s website. Online reporting will allow residents to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the report free of charge.

Online reporting was established as a convenience for the general public; as well as a way to increase the efficiency of the police department without degrading the quality of service residents receive. Reports that can be submitted online include credit card fraud, graffiti (not gang related), littering, theft from a vehicle, destruction of a motor vehicle, harassing phone calls, lost or found property, destruction of property, identity theft, and theft. Online reporting may not be appropriate for every incident.

Residents should call police if there is any emergency, crime in progress, someone is injured or threatened, a weapon is involved, the value involved is over $1000, or there is information about who may have committed the crime.

Residents still have the option to call the police department and have an officer respond for any crime that can be reported online.