by Donna Garner


Congressional hearings were held today on the IRS scandal in which tea party/patriotic citizens were targeted because of their ideology.


The IRS has two political offices which contain employees appointed by Obama.  It was in one of these Washington, D. C. offices that the IRS Chief Counsel, William Wilkins, created the template targeting tea party and patriotic groups.  Notice not in Cincinnati but in Washington, D. C. in the shadow of the White House and by appointees of Obama’s --  


It is illegal for the IRS to target groups based upon their ideology.  These tea party/patriotic groups were put through a “living hell” during the IRS delays while they struggled to provide the required IRS information.  When the IRS demands became too great to meet, many of the tea party groups dissolved for lack of  financial support.  Some have been left with large debts simply because of the IRS’s bullying tactics.


Please watch Catherine Englebrecht (head of True the Vote – video link posted further on down the page) as she explains the IRS harassment that she and her family endured for simply doing their patriotic duty to make sure that the voting booth is protected from graft and corruption.


Congressmen Darrel Issa and Dave Camp are doing a good job of moving “up the food chain,” slowly but surely tracking the IRS bullying straight into Obama’s office where undoubtedly the idea was conceived.  


More information came out in today’s Congressional hearings about the IRS scandals; and in the end, it will undoubtedly be shown that it was a contrived political scheme by Obama and his White House staff to demolish tea parties and the authentic patriots who love our country and are not willing to see the Obama administration destroy it.






Please watch this brief video clip of Texas Congressman Kevin Brady speaking before the IRS hearing on 5.17.13.  He points out that Catherine Englebrecht, the president of True the Vote, was audited, hounded, and harassed for almost three years by 17 different federal agencies (e.g., IRS, OSHA, FBI, etc.) simply because her organization requested a non-profit application from the IRS in July 2010.  Almost immediately after filing the application, the federal agencies descended on Catherine’s family and on her business.  Catherine had never before been audited by any federal agencies. 


The rest of the video clip is of Catherine Englebrecht as she explains that True the Vote provides NON-PARTISAN training to poll workers to help them follow the laws and try to prevent voter fraud.  True the Vote has expanded its efforts to many other states: 



On 5.21.13 the attorneys for True the Vote filed a lawsuit against the IRS in Washington, D. C., demanding to know answers about True the Vote’s tax-exempt application and who knew about the targeting of True the Vote.   


To learn more about Catherine Englebrecht, King Street Patriots, True the Vote, and their valiant efforts to uncover 23,000 invalid voter registration forms in Harris County, Texas, that had been turned in by ACORN operatives, please go to these links:


If you want to get involved in helping True the Vote pay its attorneys’ legal fees as they uncover the illegalities carried out by the IRS against innocent citizens, please go to this link:




To read the 7.17.13 article in the Washington Post entitled “IRS Chief Counsel’s Office Involved in Targeting Controversy,” please go to:



Donna Garner