Sweetwater County authorities are warning people about a  telephone computer repair scam which has been widely reported recently, according to  Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department spokesman Dick Blust.

He says the scam begins with an unsolicited phone call from a self-described "computer expert", who tells the intended victim that their computer has acquired a virus or other problem and needs immediate repair. The caller tells the intended victim they must turn on their computer at once and offers to help them repair the problem. Blust says in the process of implementing the "repairs" the person is able to obtain personal information the caller can use to target the victim's bank accounts. credit cards and other finances. Blust says in some cases the caller will even send the victim a bill for repair work.

Blust says the easiest way to protect yourself from the scam is to refuse to speak to a computer repair person who calls you unless you have contacted them first. He also says in many cases the caller may know your name and address and use them in an effort to appear legitimate.