The Attorney General announced Thursday that his office recently imposed a $15,000 civil penalty on a company that appeared to be calling consumers on the do-not-call lists. The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit began investigating FHNC, Inc. d/b/a Silver King International after learning that it was calling consumers on the federal and state do-not-call lists to make sales appointments through misleading surveys.

The Attorney General’s Office alleged that Silver King International would schedule appointments under the guise of delivering prizes,but would require that consumers watch a lengthy demonstration of Silver King’s product in order to receive the prize. It appeared that the prizes were seriously overvalued and that Silver King International failed to provide consumers with all the required disclosures for in-home sales and for giving away prizes.

The Attorney General’s Office claimed that Silver King International violated several provisions of Wyoming law, including the Consumer Protection Act, the Telephone Solicitation Statutes,and the Promotional Advertising of Prizes Statutes. Silver King International denied any violations of law.

Silver King International did agree to pay a $15,000 civil penalty and to enter into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the Attorney General’s Office ensuring thatSilver King International will not violate the do-not-calls laws or engage in the questionable sales activities.