(John Marshall has been a long-time friend of The Morning Zone for over 11 years now, and appears regularly as our guest on the third Monday of every month. Affectionately known as "Our man downon the border", John keeps us abreast of what is happening on the illegal immigration front.)

By John Marshall

August 1, 2012

Marshall’s Law Dateline – Question, are establishment aristocratic Republicans too “yellow bellied” to ask what percentage of America’s southern border economies are financed by cartel’s blood profits and Mexican nationals fraud dollars laundered by Moderate Republicans?

Texas Drifter’s guesstimate, Marxist-fascist Progressive Liberal Democrats and RINOs are selling their souls for fifty cents on the dollar and justifying unethical capitalism to have access to cartel’s blood profits and Mexican national fraud dollars stolen from America’s public and private sectors.

Ways cartels obtain and launder their blood profits:
1. Black market wholesale and retail profits from drugs, smuggling, extortion, kidnapping, murders and other criminal activities;
2. Deposits in American banks, stocks, and bonds;
3. Commercial investments in American businesses, real estate ventures, agriculture operations and commodities including horses, trucking and other “legal” businesses;
4. Consumer purchases in America like vehicles, clothing, jewelry, electronics, other items;
5. Smuggling terrorists onto American soil;
6. Financing cross border violence on American soil;
7. Other criminal activities and money laundering activities in America.

Ways Mexican nationals engage in fraud against America’s public and private sectors:
1. Not paying for American agricultural products shipped into Mexico;
2. Not paying for American public education services;
3. Not paying for American medical services;
4. Not paying for cost of public epidemics imported into America;
5. Not paying for American public social services like food, housing, electric, so on;
6. Not paying for cost of law enforcement, judicial, and incarceration expenses of illegal immigrants who represent ten percent of America’s population, thirty to forty percent of America’s jail and prison populations for committing estimated thirty to forty percent of violent and property crimes on American soil.
7. Obtaining by fraud billions of American dollars in tax refunds and Earned Income Credit refunds (tax refunds for not paying taxes); plus obtaining billions of dollars in Medicare and Medicaid services while American citizens have their services reduced;
8. No contribution for cost of financial stresses on America’s infra structure like roads, bridges, and numerous emergency services like police, fire, emergency medical and public health;
9. Cost of billions of dollars in illegal jobs’ stolen wages from Americans which are sent to help Mexico’s economy;
10. Cost of billions of American dollars and cultural stresses from uninsured drivers, domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assaults;
11. Destruction of America’s due process cultural standards and traditional American values
12. Reader’s assignment is list additional items to two above lists.

More complex reader’s assignment is to determine actual percentage of cartel blood dollars and Mexican nationals’ fraud dollars impacting America’s southern border economies. DEA has a formula that can be used to determine amount of cartel dollars in specific metropolitan areas for example San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, El Paso, Houston, all in Texas. Second factor, fraud dollars used by Mexican nationals can easily be determined by separating public subsidy recipients into two groups: American citizens and others by specific nationality.

Based on years of experience, a good guesstimate for areas like Rio Grande Valley would be forty to fifty percent. There are mega retail stores that have opened in South Texas for sole purpose of generating most of their business from Mexican tourists who are in reality, spending mostly cartel dollars and fraud dollars stolen from America’s private and public sectors.

Marxist-fascist Progressive Liberals and RINOs may fool some citizens about political correct money laundering their souls for fifty cents on the dollar. Democrat liberals and establishment aristocrat Republicans will not be able to fool future historians or Heaven on judgment day. One long term positive note is, good Heaven respecting Judeo-Christians, conservatives, constitutionalists, ethical capitalists, Reagan Democrats, and other patriots will not be meeting the fifty cent soul sellers in Heaven.

One thing Texas Drifter has truly enjoyed about spending three plus decades in intelligence industry most of which was spent in “tierrra de monte”, is encountering all types of people with all types of spirits. Tierra de monte is South Texas brush country where thorns grow on thorns; weather, terrain, critters, people, and creatures will be good subject for separate writing exercise.

On to theme at hand, there are “brujas mala and brujas buenas” (bad and good witches) in land of brush. Texas Drifter has never been much on doing business with bad witches. I decided to locate a good witch to try and find a way to remind moderate Republicans that politically correct money laundering makes them, full accessories to crimes of bad people’s money they are laundering.

Told the good witch that I had nothing of value to trade for her services; she said I have heard that you can make the most beautiful “cruces desde corzazon del Ebano” (crosses from heart of the Ebony). Told her I had made one, and could make another. (Reference All Right Magazine Texas Drifters’ Halloween Love Story October 2010)

She said she would send all the lost souls of victims of cartel crimes and Mexicans frauds to serve purgatory in closets, cabinets, vehicle trunks, and “glove boxes” of RINOs engaging in politically correct money laundering; so they would never stop hearing the sobs and crying of victims, establishment Republicans were financially benefitting from.

When Texas Drifter asked what about Marxist-fascist Progressive Liberal Democrats, the good witch answered I thought you already knew they have no souls or humanity. Time for Texas Drifter to end this writing exercise, I have got to find a piece of ebony with the blackest heart I can; so I can return to the good witch to complete my end of the bargain.