~~~By Donna Garner~~~


The good news: All we need is four more votes in the U. S. Senate to repeal ObamaCare.  If Romney wins and the House goes Republican, all it would take is a simple majority in the Senate (51) to repeal ObamaCare – not the supermajority (60) needed to overcome filibusters.

Ted Cruz early-on signed the pledge to Repeal ObamaCare.  In contrast, it took mounting public pressure to get Dewhurst finally to sign the pledge a few days ago.

We want someone representing Texas in the U. S. Senate who has the fire in the belly to repeal ObamaCare; Ted Cruz is our man.

When Cruz gets elected, that will only leave three more Senators to join him in achieving the majority vote to repeal ObamaCare.

Even the Los Angeles Times agrees that stripping the main funding parts from ObamaCare would be relatively easy if the Republicans get in power in November.

Let’s be of good cheer and do everything we in Texas can do to elect Ted Cruz to the U. S. Senate and Romney to the White House.  Hopefully the rest of the states will join us in electing at least three more committed Republican Senators and a majority of Republican House members to rid our country of Obama and ObamaCare once and for all.

Donna Garner