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~~~By John Marshall~~~ July 16, 2012~~~
Marshall’s Law Dateline – Why help a RINO bully like Romney with effective public service announcement for his campaign? Simple save Heaven’s favorite republic from Obama.

Target Audience: Illegal immigrants

Language: Spanish and English

Players: Two Illegals

Objective: Warn illegal immigrants of potential criminal charges for engaging in voter fraud.

Reference FAIR (Federation For American Immigration Reform) excerpts:
Non-citizen voting in U.S. elections and identification requirements.
Testimony of Dan Stein, President, Federation for American Immigration Reform

This testimony concerns the issue of non-citizen voting in U.S. elections and identification requirements.

Combining the number of legal and illegal aliens, there are at least 26 million non-U.S. citizens in the United States at any given time. The bulk of them are legal and illegal residents (22 million), and about 1.6 million are tourists or temporary visitors from Canada or Mexico. Many of the remaining 2.4 million visitors, such as students and temporary workers, are on long-term visas. …

… With driver’s licenses made available by several states to aliens (both legal and illegal), it seems likely that voter rolls now contain large numbers of non-citizens, enough in close elections to change the outcome if those aliens illegally vote.

… In 1996, Congress enacted the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, making it a federal crime for non-citizens to vote in any federal election (or state election, unless authorized by state law). As a penalty, ineligible non-citizens who knowingly vote may be deported. Additionally, a non-citizen who falsely claims to be a United States citizen is in violation of this law. … Despite these penalties, there are numerous documented reports of non-citizens voting. (End excerpts)

Also interesting is who prosecutes illegal immigrants engaging in voter fraud. Reference Federal Crime of Election Fraud, Craig C. Donsanto Public Integrity Division excerpts:

The federal concept of «voter fraud» applies only to activity that is appropriately remedied through criminal prosecution, as distinguished from other less severe remedies such as election contest litigation or administrative relief. …

…. Thus as a general rule, the federal crime of «voter fraud» embraces only organized efforts to corrupt of the election process itself: i.e., the registration of voters, the casting of ballots, and the tabulation and certification of election results.

This definition excludes all activities that occur in connection with the political campaigning process, unless those activities are themselves illegal under some other specific law or prosecutive theory …

… This definition also excludes isolated acts of individual wrongdoing that are not part of an organized effort to corrupt the voting process. If such isolated acts of «fraud» are to be subjected to criminal penalties, that is a task for the states not the federal government to do. …

Not being an attorney, it seems that individual states can prosecute illegal immigrants engaging in fraud to participate in elections. Reader might be able to present better details. Other than deportation, voter fraud penalties probably vary from state to state.

PSA Script:

One Illegal to Second Illegal: What are you thinking about?

Second Illegal: Voting for Obama for amnesty.

One Illegal: Do you have legal papers to be here?

Second Illegal: No.

One Illegal: You know voting in Presidential election or any election without legal papers is serious crime in America. Penalties could be time in jail and deportation.

Second Illegal: Voting for Obama without legal papers is a crime? What about helping Obama?

First Illegal: Yes, after Obama gets your vote you will be on your own. He can not protect you from state governments; and being convicted of voting without legal papers could keep you from ever getting U.S. citizenship.

Second Illegal: Thanks for warning.

First Illegal: never forget Americans have best computers in world, sooner or later you will get caught – is voting for Obama without legal papers worth losing your future?

(End PSA Script)

PSA second objective is providing illegal immigrants with their first assimilation civics lesson about voter fraud not being tolerated in America.

No one sent replacements for Col. Travis’s killed, wounded and crippled; wonder if anyone or any patriotic brigade will provide resources to promote above Illegal Immigrants Voting Fraud PSA to help preserve integrity of America’s 2012 Presidential election?

When Marxist-fascist Progressive Liberals start squealing like injured feral hogs and they will; simply ask what is wrong with helping people not break the law. When RINOs like Romney start to whine and they will; ask them why they are squealing like injured feral hogs.

Closing thoughts, history records that patriots commanded by Col Travis and General Sam were Americans brave enough to be free. Brutal fact, only future historians will know if contemporary Americans are brave enough to stay free.

Americas only have two choices stay home and play with their wife and kids; or step up to Texas Drifter’s imaginary line in the sand. Reader’s assignment for this writing exercise, memorize following epigram: There is a time to play with the wife and kids, and a time to fight for the right to stay free.