The approximately 80 men, women and family members who receive homeless shelter at COMEA House are being moved to temporary facilities so exterminators can solve a bedbug problem, the COMEA Board announced Thursday.

Meanwhile, the COMEA emergency and transition facility on Stinson Avenue will be shut down Sept. 6-12 so a local exterminator can apply a heating method that kills bed bugs throughout the facility and in all the bedding. Then the COMEA staff will use bug-proof covers for mattresses and pillows. The total cost for treatment and covers is more than $35,000, according to Board President Kathy Cathcart.

COMEA is using the Richards Center at 4700 Ocean Loop for the temporary housing. The Salvation Army will assist with meals, and Laramie County Emergency Management will provide the cots. Transportation from COMEA to the temporary housing site is being arranged.  Extermination is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week, and then the clients will move back on Saturday.

Cathcart said COMEA welcomes any financial help from the community to help pay for this very necessary but very expensive process.