Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says a November 26 court date has been set in a lawsuit the city has filed to acquire property it wants for the 19th st./Pershing/Converse roundabout project.

The city has for some time been trying to acquire a part of the Hollywood Video parking lot for the project, but has not been able to reach an agreement with the property owner to purchase the property. One sticking point has been that the city only wants to purchase part of the parking lot, while the property owner wants to sell the entire property or none of it, arguing that selling only part of the property would severely limit the value of the remaining property.

So far the city has offered $400,000 for the property, while the owner reportedly wants more than twice that amount. Kaysen  says the  November 26th  date has been set on a right of entry hearing, in which the city asks for the right to enter the property to begin work on the roundabout. That hearing is scheduled for Judge Thomas Campbell's First Judicial District Court. Kaysen says the city is still hoping to negotiate  an agreement so that a court fight can be avoided.