Former Laramie County Deputy Coroner Chuck Trimble is running for coroner in the Republican primary. Trimble worked as a deputy coroner for 10 years under former county coroners Bill Ryan and Marty Luna. Trimble, who left his part-time position with the coroner’s office last year, is the Emergency Communications Supervisor for the Laramie County Combined Communication Center.

Trimble said he decided to run for coroner because he has risen virtually as high as possible at the dispatch center, and he is looking for a new challenge. Trimble said if he has the leadership skills to do the job.

To be able to sit down and explain your position and justify increases in budget whether for personnel or facilities. I have a pretty good relationship with the Board of County Commissioners through my position with the Joint Communications Center.

Trimble said he would also like to see a second full-time employee hired for the coroner’s office.

To bring in especially another full time person to be able to spread that work around a little bit. If a coroner or deputy coroner is down in Loveland assisting or attending an autopsy, or is on a crime scene or death scene, than that person is not available to assist anyone else, whether it's paper work or another investigation.


Trimble said if elected another main focus would be to make technology upgrades to the corner's office, using the same software that is being implemented at the communications center. The primary election is August 19th.