Republican Christine Lummis is running for Laramie County Commissioner.

Lummis is currently serving her first term on the Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees. Her father Doran Lummis served as a county commissioner in the 1960's. She is also the sister of Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis.

Lummis said if elected one of her top priorities wil be figuring out a way to improve the county's transportation infrastructure.

"It is my great concern that we are going to grow and have the same roads to funnel all of these people and we already know how crowded it is in downtown Cheyenne but we can't do anything about that. But at least we should start planning for growth as well as learn how we could perhaps purchase rights of way.

Lummis says finding more money for new roads could be a challenge. She says she has some ideas about how to make the county a better place, but she added that she will not take office with "an agenda."

I think until you are right in the thick of it, until you are dealing with the budgets and all it takes to run the county, you don't know what the commissioners are up against. Is it a learning by doing? Yes it is.