I know a lot of times we hear of scandals happening in other areas around the country, but who would have thought that we have one here?

The Cheyenne VAMC has been accused of "gaming the system" on our veterans. Over the weekend sent emails were revealed that encouraged Cheyenne VAMC staff to hide long wait times for patients wanting and needing services.

An independent investigation was launched and the findings are appalling. Since December 2013 at least, the Department of Veterans Affairs has known about the improper scheduling practices. So far the VA has done nothing about it, and the man in charge is still being paid.

If veterans haven't been seen in the last 2 years, then they are put on a waiting list. The VA has 2 weeks to see the veteran, but as was the case at the Cheyenne VA, they were pulling the names off of the list shortly after the appointment was made.

As a veteran who has served my country proudly, I take offense to this act against my fellow brothers and sisters. I'm sure more will come to light on this topic... but for now, if you are a veteran and looking for help, rest assured that your country is watching and that they are under investigation.