On the morning of Wednesday October 17th near the intersection of Melton & Hickory Place, a man in a white pick up truck stopped near two juvenile boys who were walking to school. Reportedly the man got out of his truck and after opening a rear door, asked the boys if they could help look for his cell phone. Police Department spokesman Lew Simpson says the two juveniles then said they had to get to school and ran off. They said the man did not attempt to run after them. The two boys re-ported the incident to Buffalo Ridge School personnel who notified Cheyenne Police. Responding officers searched the area and broadcast an Attempt to Locate to all law enforcement agencies for a white 2004 GMC Sierra truck with rear doors that open in opposite directions and a black tool box in the bed of the truck. The driver was described as a white male with a black long sleeved shirt or black jacket and black colored jeans. He was wearing a faded red hat, no facial hair and was skinny. The truck was unable to be located.

Police continue to look for a vehicle matching this description. This case is being treated as a suspicious circumstance and police would like to talk to the driver of the vehicle to find out what occurred. If anyone has any additional information, they are asked to call Cheyenne Police at (307) 637-6500 or (307) 638-TIPS (8477).

Cheyenne Police want parents to talk to their children about the dangers of being approached by strangers and what action they should take:

  •  Instruct your children to always take a friend when going places and stay with a group when attending school outings or standing at the bus stop
  •  If someone tries to grab your children, tell them to draw attention to themselves and loudly yell “THIS PERSON IS TRYING TO TAKE ME”, or “THIS PERSON IS NOT MY FATHER/MOTHER.”
  • Teach your children it is more important to get out of a threatening situation than it is to be polite
  • Talk openly to your children about safety Never leave children unattended in a vehicle, whether it is running or not
  • Know where your children are and whom they are with at all times