A spokesman for the Cheyenne Police Department says police had a "pretty typical" Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2014.

Officer Dan Long says police responded to 2413 calls during CFD 2014. That's down from the 2521 calls officers responded to last year,. but up significantly from the 2208 calls logged in 2012.

The department recorded 29 arrests for driving under the influence this year, down one from 2013 but more than double the 14 DUI arrests recorded in 2012. Long says he thinks the dedication of one officer solely to DUI enforcement prior to CFD 2013 may be largely responsible for the jump in those arrests the past two years.

One area that showed a big increase during the recent Cheyenne Frontier Days was citations for underage drinking. The department issued 33 of those this year, compared to only 16 last year.

But police did issue 32 underage drinking citations during CFD 2012, according to Long.