Cheyenne Police have arrested five people in connection with approximately 40 recent burglaries that have occurred city wide.

Cheyenne Police Department Spokesman Officer Dan Long says detectives have been working around the clock to solve over 40 burglaries that have occurred around the city in the past eight weeks. The burglar's were dubbed the “Garage Door Bandits” by detectives because in several cases the burglars used stolen garage door openers to gain access to residential garages.

The investigation  led to multiple search warrants and the arrest of five people. Detectives completed search warrants on October 2nd and 3rd, and again on October 8th. Detectives recovered in excess of $30,000 worth of stolen property. Due to the large volume of property, detectives are still working on identifying the rightful owners of the property. Included in the recovered property were multiple firearms, TV’s, electronic devices, GPS units, and computers.
Arrested and booked in on burglary charges on October 2nd were 28 year old Matthew Anderson and 33 year-old Richard Tucker, both of Cheyenne. Arrested and booked in on burglary charges on October 8 were 20 year-old Parker Brown, 19 year-old Daryl Nario, and 18 year-old Adrian Nario, all from Cheyenne. Burglary is a felony and may be punishable by up to 25 years in prison. The case remains under investigation by Cheyenne Police Detectives.

Richard Tucker (Courtesy of Cheyenne Police)
Parker Brown (Courtesy of Cheyenne Police)
Daryl Nario (Courtesy of Cheyenne Police)
Adrian Nario (Courtesy of Cheyenne Police)