Charity is a wonderful thing and Cheyenne residents are no strangers of it. Cheyenne Needs Inc is always in need of canned goods. Some of the businesses around town have marked donations boxes that you can drop a canned good or two into.

Needs Inc was started back in 1972. They are an outlet in Laramie County who are aware of the needs of the community and has provided a place to try to meet them. Upon its founding, the organization had 5 volunteer board members. Today, Needs Inc has 6 full-time employees to receive and distribute donations.

More of their programs include: Adopt-A-Family, Hunt For Hunger, Operation Back To School and opportunities for Cheyenne and Laramie County residents to volunteer.

So the next time you go to the grocery store, grab a few canned goods and pop them into a drop off point in Cheyenne. For more information or to find out where you can help and donate, call 307-632-4132 or visit their website at: Needs Inc.