Trying to find out when a movie is showing and when? Here is a list of Cheyenne’s movie theatres and how to find out that information!

Tip—If you have a smart phone, download the Flixster app. It is a very useful app! It shows you the theatres near you, show times, trailers and how Rotten Tomatoes rated it. I use it all the time.

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    Capitol City Stadium 12

    Movie Times

    (307) 638-7469

    Katrina’s note: This theatre is a bit hidden; you cannot see it right off of Pershing. Do not give up trying to find it though— it is the newest theatre in town!

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    Carmike Cinemas Frontier 9

    Movie Times

    (307) 634-8437

    Katrina’s note: This theatre is in a very convenient location; near shopping and dining!

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    Lincoln Popcorn Palace

    Movie Times

    (307) 637-7469 Katrina’s note: At $3/ticket, you can’t beat the price. They do not show brand new movies but often get them after they have been in the main theatres for only about a month!