Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power (CLFP) received a report this week of yet another scam involving unknown parties calling customers, impersonating Cheyenne Light personnel and demanding money.

CLFP spokeswoman Sharon Fain says a local non-profit reported that over the weekend someone who said they were from Cheyenne Light called and said their electricity will be disconnected if they didn't pay immediately by purchasing a pre-paid debit card. Fain says it is the same scam that has been reported in the area for the past few months.

Fain says the Cheyenne Police Department is aware of this scam. If you suspect fraud, immediately contact local law enforcement. If you have concerns or questions about Cheyenne Light employees, call Cheyenne Light at 866-264-8003. Fain says they can confirm the legitimacy of the claim and can also confirm bill payments, service work, or a service call to any address.