Cheyenne City Clerk Carol Intlekofer is reminding vendors who want to temporarily sell items from tables or booths that they need city licenses.

Intlekofer says youths who plan to sell pre-packaged food items or canned/bottled beverages along the route for this year's CFD parades need a Temporary Parade Vendor Permit through her office. Intlekofer says the permit costs $2.00, but once again this year local businessman Maurice Brown is offering his support by paying that permit fee.

Youths receiving a license will get a colored identification badge. which will allow officials with the City-County Environmental Health Department to identify them. Those permits are only valid during the parades, according to Intlekofer.

She says people who plan to sell food or retail merchandise also need permits. The food permits cost $75.00 per location  and  require approval from the City-County Environmental Health office.. The fee for a license to sell retail merchandise is $90.00 per location and is valid for 14 days.

Intlekofer says that while there isn't a legal deadline to apply for vendor's licenses, her office is recommending people file their applications no later than July 15th to allow time for processing. Application forms are available at the city clerk's office in the Municipal Building at 2101 O'Neil. Intlekofer says some application forms are also available on the city website.