The City Of Cheyenne Sanitary Landfill does not accept hazardous waste at its landfill, 1416 Happy Jack Road.

Commercially generated hazardous wastes as defined under the Federal Resources Conservation and Recovery Act, subtitle-C, 40 CFR Part 261, Subpart-D and Chapter 2, Section 4, of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Hazardous Waste Rules and Regulations are not permitted at the City of Cheyenne Sanitary Landfill. Vehicles containing such waste will not be provided access to the City Landfill or Transfer Station, 220 North College Drive, and the Department of Environmental Quality will be immediately notified.

Waste may be hazardous as defined under the state and federal provisions if the following characteristics are exhibited:

· Ignitability

· Corrosivity

· Reactivity

· Toxicity

For more information, you can contact the City Solid Waste Engineer at 637-6288 or the Department of Environmental Quality Solid and Hazardous Waste Division at 777-7752.