Are you looking for a way to help victims of the flooding in Colorado? Local chiropractors are donating their October earnings to the community of Lyons, Colorado where they grew up.

Doctors Marley and Heather Smith, with the Livin' Well Family Chiropractic clinic at 1122 Logan Avenue, are offering all new patients' first visits in October on a donation basis.

All of the money raised during the month will go directly to the town of Lyons to help them recover from the disaster. Lyons has been evacuated and much of it's infrastructure is destroyed, sewer and water continue to be compromised and power has yet to be restored.

Among those evacuated is Dr. Marley Smith's mother, Pam. Dr. Heather Smith says 'these donations will allow us to help the beautiful town my husband grew up in and will also help the people of Cheyenne by allowing them to become a patient at our clinic for a price they can comfortably afford."

The standard fee for an initial visit is $180. To schedule your first visit, call 307-632-3525.