The Cheyenne Boys and Girls Club will be moving to their new home next month, according to spokeswoman Baylie Evans.

The club has been using a city-owned building on Snyder Avenue for quite some time, but has also been building a new facility at Walterscheid and Jefferson. Evans says in early January the club will move all of it's operations to the gym at the new property. She says the new clubhouse has yet to be completed. In the meantime the new gym will serve as a clubhouse.

Evans says the new gym by itself already gives the club more room than the Snyder Avenue club location. Additionally the new location offers a park, ball field and other features that are not available at the club's current home. Evans says the total cost of the new club location is about $5.8 million.

Evans says the roughly $3 million it will cost to build the new clubhouse has yet to be raised.