America Celebrates Jackie Robinson Day
Today, America celebrates the 64 year mark of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Not only was Jackie Robinson a hero amongst blacks and whites alike on the ball field, but also as a citizen of America as a whole.
Brewing Contempt: Keurig To Introduce “Interactive” KCups
If you're one of the 83% of Americans that drink coffee in the morning to give you an extra little pep in your step, and you happen to do it with the help of a Keurig, then you're in for a wild, caffeinated ride. In a move that seems an awful lot like greedy, money-hungry conglomerates looking for m…
Dave Chaffin Says Goodbye to KGAB
Friday, January 24, 2014 is Dave Chaffin's last day behind the microphone at KGAB. Dave has decided to step aside and spend time with his family.
I remember the summer of 2001, when Dave came to me with this idea about doing a local morning talk show on KGAB...
States Grow More Dependent on Federal Funds
~~ by Sven Larson`~~
More than five years ago I warned about how the states are growing dangerously dependent on money from the federal government:
These state–federal joint ventures create a number of problems. They make it difficult for voters to hold the President, Senators, Representatives, …
Bipartisan state legislators defy Obama’s NSA spy program
~~ By Jim Kouri~~
(Jim Kouri, CPP, the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country, and has been a long-time friend of KGAB's Mornin…

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