Round and Round We Go
Have you had the wonderful experience of traveling through the new round-about at 19th Street, Converse and East Pershing? It is, bar-none, the most confusing mass of mess I have ever seen in any city.
Maybe it's because there are orange cones everywhere, and if you go through this thing at nigh…
Fall Is In The Air But, The Sun is Back
It seems that Fall is upon us, already. I think it was triggered by the inches of rain we received last week. Thankfully, the sun seems to be back even in the seasonal transition.
While I never thought there would be a day in Cheyenne when I complained about too much rain,I have lived in Wyoming most…
Light Bulb Follies
~~By Boyd Wiggam  Wyoming Liberty Group~~

During the Laramie County Commission's discussion on September 3, 2103 about whether to accept a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to participate in an Airport Sustainable Master Plan Pilot Program, those in attendance were treated to a…
How ‘Bout Those Broncos?
It was truly amazing! Mr. Manning and the Broncos won one for the Gipper with great panache 49-27 over those pesky Ravens. This actually gives me great hope for the rest of the season, the post season and maybe even The Big Game. Could it be that they finally have found the magic they had when Elway…
Look Out…Here Comes U.S. Military Strikes…Again
President Obama continues his push to get Congress to authorize military strikes on Syria for their use of chemical weapons in the on-going civil war there.
It seems to me there is something very ironic when the U.S. decides it is it's role to punish every dictator in the world who steps out of …
Will Orange Cone Season Ever End?
Like nearly everyone else in Cheyenne, I find myself longing for cold weather and the first snow, not because I am tired of warm days, but rather because I am am so tired of dodging those ever-present construction orange cones.

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