“UPDATE: Common Core Porn Novel”
~~By Donna Garner~~

“Another Pornographic Novel on Common Core Exemplar List: The Bluest Eye”

Macey France is a stay-at-home mom of two elementary children and lives in Oregon.  Macey is the co-founder of the Stop Common Core in Oregon and is working with o…
May God be with The Lummis Family Today.
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the Lummis family in the passing of their beloved Enid Bennett Lummis who passed away yesterday at age 85. Mrs. Lummis was the beloved mother of Representative Cynthia Lummis and wife of former County Commissioner and local rancher, Doran Lummis...
Don’t Fear the Federal Boogeyman
~~by Steve Klein~~Wyoming Liberty Group~~
Jim McBride, former Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, told a fascinating and shocking story Oct. 8 while testifying in favor of the Common Core State Standards before the State Board of Education...
Irans Strategy on Next Week’s Talks
~~By Micah Halpern~~
Next week in Geneva (on October 15th and 16th) a conference will take place between Iran and the world powers about the current nuclear impasse.
In discussing the matter, the Iranian speaker of the parliament, who is also their former nuclear negotiator, gave a recipe for predicti…
ACLU Blasts ATF Treatment of Gun-walker Whistleblower
~By Jim Kouri~
The calls for a DOJ inquiry into the Trayvon Martin case make organizations like the ACLU choose between pursuing racial justice and opposing double jeopardy. Civil rights and civil liberties often go hand-in-hand, but what happens when they collide...
…And The Award Goes to WYDOT
Every time I think I have seen just about the dumbest decisions ever made regarding road construction in our fair city, sure enough, something new convinces me otherwise. Case in point...the milling and resurfacing projects now simultaneously under way on Central and Warren Avenues between East Pers…
Ernie Goss-September Mountain States Economy‏
~~By Ernie Goss Ph.D. ~~
Mountain States Job Index Sinks for September:
Affordable Care Act Having Large Negative Impacts
September survey results at a glance:
·         Regional index declines to a weak but positive reading...
“Could Obamacare Be Defunded?”
by Donna Garner

On Monday, 9.30.13, Obama stated, “The Affordable Care Act is moving forward. That funding is already in place. You can't shut it down…”  

Other pundits have picked up the same chant so as to make the Republicans&CloseCurly…

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