Inflation Would Be Bad News for Wyoming
~~ by Sven Larson~~
Now that Republicans and Democrats have agreed to reopen the federal government, the U.S. Treasury again is free to borrow money on overtime. Stubborn spenders in the White House and Congress evaded the deficit problem, agreed to punt for a few months and let ObamaCare go into eff…
Part 1: What America will look like in 2050?
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
Does anyone in the United States understand or comprehend what America will look like in 2050 “IF” we continue endless immigration into our country?  Does any leader possess an inkling of the ramifications of adding the projected 100 million …
America’s advancing calamity: compelling radio interview
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
For the past 35 years, I have written commentaries, spoken on all major TV networks and interviewed on over 1,000 radio shows.   I address the long-term ramifications of endless immigration into America that major talking heads fear and most journalists flee: Wolf Blitzer, Br…
Committee Bills Threaten Health Care Freedom
~~~by Maureen Bader~~~Wyoming Liberty Group~~
Draft bills spilling out of Wyoming's Legislative Services Office have already started to raise eyebrows. Two, so far, would limit healthcare choice in Wyoming.
The first, 14LSO-0141 Hospital licensure, would confiscate the operating license of a hospital …
~~By Tim Bryce~~
- “Come and listen to my story about a group from the Middle East…”
Whenever you think of the Middle East, two things come to mind: oil and violence. If there was no oil, the rest of the world probably would …
“UPDATE: Common Core Porn Novel”
~~By Donna Garner~~

“Another Pornographic Novel on Common Core Exemplar List: The Bluest Eye”

Macey France is a stay-at-home mom of two elementary children and lives in Oregon.  Macey is the co-founder of the Stop Common Core in Oregon and is working with o…
May God be with The Lummis Family Today.
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the Lummis family in the passing of their beloved Enid Bennett Lummis who passed away yesterday at age 85. Mrs. Lummis was the beloved mother of Representative Cynthia Lummis and wife of former County Commissioner and local rancher, Doran Lummis...
Don’t Fear the Federal Boogeyman
~~by Steve Klein~~Wyoming Liberty Group~~
Jim McBride, former Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, told a fascinating and shocking story Oct. 8 while testifying in favor of the Common Core State Standards before the State Board of Education...

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