Does Your ‘Love Stool’ Have Wobbly Legs?
~~Dr Margaret Cochran~~(Margaret Cochran, Ph.D., Trans-personal Psychologist-Clinical Social Worker that appears regularly on KGAB's Morning Zone. Hear her talk in detail about this article at 8:07AM MST this morning.)~~~
Did you know that on average people who are unhappy in their romantic rela…
Lebanese Stop Hamas Arms Shipment
~~By Micah Halpern~~
Wednesday November 13, 2013
I've Been Thinking:
The new Middle East is full of surprises.
In the Middle East, just like Machiavelli said, people act in their own best interests. No country acts altruistically...
The First Amendment Beats ObamaCare (Again)
On Friday, a panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the denial of preliminary injunction in the case Gilardi v. Dep’t of Health and Human Services (HHS). This represents another victory for religious freedom against part of ObamaCare, a HHS regulation requiring certain e…
How to Keep Health Entrepreneurs out of Wyoming
~~~ by Maureen Bader, Benjamin Barr~~~(Wyo. Liberty Group
Just as Wyoming is starting to attract new health care providers, such as a physician-owned hospital in Casper, the state is considering one bill to keep health entrepreneurs out.
Nonprofit hospitals in Wyoming already enjoy competitive advanta…
Mountain States Overall Index Hovers at Growth Neutral:
Professor Ernie Goss from Creighton University is our special guest at 7:07AM MST today on The Morning Zone and will give details on his October Mountain States Economic Report.
One in Six Businesses Report Federal Shutdown Impacts
October survey results at a glance:
· Regional leading indica…
We Saw this One Coming
~~By Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis~~
This is why.  This is why Wyoming’s well-informed people told me everywhere I went to fight Obamacare.  This is why House Republicans voted over 40 times to defund Obamacare.  It is because we knew; we saw this disaster coming and tri…

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