Ten most corrupt politicians in Washington DC
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
Marriane Williamson, author of the book A Return to Love, announced this past fall her plan to run for Congress in the 33rd district of California to stop the “Culture of Corruption” in our nation’s capital...
Reflections on 2013: a year of growing tension
~~By Frosty Wooldridge~~
How do you sum up 2013 as a year for the United States and her citizens?  What criteria do you use?  Good, bad and ugly?  As Clint Eastwood said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.  Well, do ya’ punk...
Government Sector Pension Plan – Who Pays?
~~~by Maureen Bader~~Wyoming Liberty Group~~

Taxpayers contribute $7.70 for every $1 contributed by bureaucrats 

Governor Mead's recent budget announcement is potential gold for government workers. In addition to a salary increase, the governor proposes to roll back modest pension reforms th…
Christmas gift: your fate follows your vibrations

~~By Frosty Wooldridge ~~

This Christmas season, humanity’s vibrations accelerate toward love, fellowship, brotherhood, sisterhood, family and friends.  Each of us gravitates toward kindness, reverence and gratitude.

While we may scurry around town purchasing gifts, watching our kids perform at the Ch…
Pension-Plan Paradox
~~A Commentary by Maureen Bader
Wyoming Liberty Group~~
Beneficiaries of Wyoming's state pension plans received big promises from politicians who don't seem to have put much thought into how to pay for those promises. With state pension liabilities still rising, Wyoming's legislature is…
Labor unions stage paid protests to hurt holiday retail sales
~~By Jim Kouri~
During the busy shopping weekend, that began with Black Friday through the Thanksgiving holiday-weekend on Saturday and Sunday, many Christmas bargain-hunters were subjected to loud, boisterous labor demonstrations in front of department stores such as the Wal-Mart chain and other non…

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