[/caption]Do you think that people are scaring our children about the environment? Cartoonist Drew Aquilina thinks so. Join me, Gary Freeman and my conversation with Drew about his concerns about the environment and how he has found a way to educate your children in a fun and sensible way with his new book "Green Pieces" - Green From The Pond Up. Click through the jump to hear this fun and informative interview with Gary and Drew on "Across America"!

About The Author:

As a child growing up in New Milford, Connecticut, Drew Aquilina was captivated by a movie starring forest animals examining their day-to-day struggle to servive, not to mention battling a forest fire. His early interest and first thoughts about cartoons and cartooning were, or course, fueled by watching The Wonderful World of Disney.

As a professional cartoonist, Aquilinia continues to produce a daily Green Pieces © strip and he enjoys the publication of his first cartoon compilation, Green Pieces:  Green From the Pond Up, in January 2011. Aquilinia lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona, with his wife, Lisa, and their own version of Green Pieces, two dogs, a cat, numerous rabbits, squirrels, roadrunners, quail coveys, hummingbirds, love birds and cactus wrens.

About The Book:

Green Pieces:  Green From the Pond Up explores the life and goings on at the pond of the four main characters, who introduce the reader to life and times around a typical wetland. This cast of characters is led by Iggman, a claustrophoobic turtle; and annoying dragonfly named Radic; and omnipotent, techno-bullfrog named Cabby; and the rouge raccoon named Roc.

Winner of the 2010 Green Book Festival, Comics/ Graphic Novels Honorable Mention based solely on its black and white Advance Review Copy manuscript, the reader follows the delightful antics of Iggy, Radic, Cabby and Roc as the frolic through nature.