Where did the Cheyenne street Carey Avenue get it's name? As we drive through the city of Cheyenne we see all kinds of street names. We know how to get to places or what route to take based on the many streets in the capital city.

But who were the people that these streets were named after? Carey Avenue has some very nice homes on it to say the least. The name was actually named after Robert D. Carey who was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on August 12, 1878.

Mr. Carey came from a large family and were pretty well known. Carey went on to go to Yale and them came back to the Cowboy State to incorporate his experiments with crops and irrigation equipment that helped make farming easier here in the Wyoming climate.

Mr. Carey was also the first Governor of Wyoming to be voted in by the people of which he served from January 6, 1919 to January 1, 1923. His term in office brought about an increase in revenue and established sound finances in the state. He was not elected to a second term and died January 17, 1937.

Now you know where Carey Avenue in Cheyenne got it's name.