by Frosty Wooldridge

Hundreds of readers responded with emails to the piece “California: America’s first failed state” published January 19, 2012, NWV. Many felt betrayed by the video of the girl who said, “I don’t know why anyone would want to work in America” as she referred to how much money any woman could make by becoming a baby factory.

One Australian visiting California replied that California was still a nice place to live.  Eric Claus wrote, “I think Frosty's heart is in the right place but the hyperbole in this rant is way over the top. I'm in California now. There are lots of problems some caused by population, some not, but illegal immigrants don't flock to 'failed states' by the millions. People come here because it is a really nice place to live. It could certainly be better, but by writing things like this Frosty puts himself in the fringe of people who want to see a more sustainable world. It's great to be enthusiastic but is this about solving a problem or is it about making yourself feel good because you are really striking a blow for what is right. It feels like the latter to me.”

I replied to his reply by writing to a major Australian website that shows how Australia is also being overrun by immigration.  I said, “This is not about heart and it’s not about bias. I am not on the fringe. I write about facts.  (I quoted 10 sources for the points I made in the column.) Yes, illegal aliens do flood into California because it’s better than the sheer misery of living and working for $5.00 a day in Mexico.  I have traveled all over Mexico. No Australian can imagine the poverty of Mexico.  I’m 65 years old, so I don’t need to exaggerate or add drama.  Today, with mass immigration, California is being changed into a Mexican-Korean-Middle Eastern-Ethiopian-Congo-Salvadorian-Brazillian-Chinese-Vietnamese-India polyglot of people who have immigrated here but do not mesh nor do they assimilate into American society.  California pays out $10.2 billion annually to take care of illegal aliens from education to food to housing to medical to incarceration. Their poverty paralyzes California.

“If Claus is visiting California now, he is stuck in the 15 hour daily gridlock traffic that defines Los Angeles, San Francisco and other enormous cities.  He’s breathing toxic air from 38 million people exhausting their homes, electric plants and auto emissions into the air.  He’s drinking from plastic water bottles because so much of California’s tap water suffers from contamination.  He cannot help but be warned not to go deep into Los Angeles where entire sections of the city are owned by gangs.  He would not be able to ask directions because the immigrants don’t speak English and don’t like you because you do speak English.  If he digs deeper into lower California, he will see the tent cities and human waste piling up all over the place.  He will see entire families living out of “storage lockers”.   If he sent his kids to California’s schools, they would not reach 18 with a decent education.  Ethnic clashes in high schools are a daily part of the multicultural nightmare.”

A lady named Ruth said, “I moved to California in 1955. It was a veritable paradise.  Jobs were plentiful.  It was truly a "Laid-back" state with perfect climate, forever fun and prosperous or so we thought.  I attended California State University Long Beach in the 1960s. Zero tuition; a $12 Student Union fee; used books returned for a full refund at semester's end.  Does anyone think education is better today at the ridiculously high costs?  I lived at the beach most of my 31 years in California.  At one time, I paid $300 a month for a three-story home right on the sand; that home would now rent for $3,000.  I began seeing a horrible transition taking place as you pointed out in massive immigration, no demands for English language skills, and everyone jumping on the welfare bandwagon.  As prices began skyrocketing (why not, since the government will pay for everything?), I saw the writing on the wall, so I left California in 1986.  The last time I visited the state, I was appalled at the trash and filth along the streets and highways, and the rundown conditions everywhere.  It's like a plague, I'm afraid it is spreading nationwide, and we shall all suffer a horrible demise because of it.  Stop the immigration now!  Legal and illegal!”

Referring to the welfare queen video, Canadian Wayne said, “I'm at a loss to know how to process this girl's attitude.  Is she to blame for what she's doing?  If someone - the government - the policy/law makers are handing out candy, who in their right mind wouldn't stand in line to receive their share?  I live in Canada, and we do many stupid things here too, but this is the mighty United States of America - how can your lawmakers allow this to happen? It's all very sad.  I believe this is the sort of thing that will cause the total collapse of our governments.”

Jack said, “I have never read any of your articles before; but having seen the latest on California, I need to say, 'I certainly wish I could write like that'. I like the article: well said. America is in for a lot more trouble than they can even speculate. There are tough times coming soon. Therefore, I look forward to not being here when that happens. I need to finish my autobiography and then come what may.”

Steven said, “I receive News with a Views and read your article early this morning. I really do not comment much on NWV articles but in this case I wanted to leave you with a couple of thoughts. I understand your main thrust on immigration but please consider this:

“First, most anyone with a pulse has taken a position on illegal immigration, the truth is that probably 70% of Americans clearly understand it is a danger to our very existence. The remaining 25-30% of those who approve of this immigration fiasco are in reality the 20% hard left and maybe only 10% or so who are not. The open borders crowd is entrenched in the political and educational system and generates propaganda supporting this invasion. I realize legal immigrants are an issue and part of your article, but illegals are driving the explosion by various means and in my mind are first priority.

“The narrative has changed. People do not talk anymore about if illegals are a problem, people know it. I hope that those with a voice such as yourself, will drive the next phase, and that is let's do something about it. Get rid of freebies from the government and illegals will leave. Make hiring illegals unwelcome everywhere and watch the positive results as they leave in mass. I hope you and others like yourself will be an inspiration to others to get the job started and rolling. We have here in Arizona, small baby steps, but a start. Please keep up the good fight.”

One other reader said that Americans need to get ready for “impact” as to the consequences of long term mass immigration.  With another 75 million to be added by 2035—impact needs another term to describe what’s going to “hit” this country.