The Bureau of land Management (BLM) is seeking public comment for a proposed Wild Horse Ecosanctuary approximately 7 miles north of Lander, Wyoming.  Located at the foot of the Wind River Mountains, the 900 acre Double D Ranch has applied to provide long-term, humane care for up to 250 wild horses gathered primarily from Wyoming public rangelands. BLM spokeswoman Sarah Beckwith says no public lands are included as part of this proposal.

Beckwith says if the proposal is approved, the BLM would sponsor the ecosanctuary at a funding level comparable to what it pays for the care of wild horses on long-term pastures in the Midwest. The ecosanctuary would be publicly accessible and provide ecotourism and educational opportunities which will help defray the cost of operating the sanctuary.

Public comments will be accepted on the proposal through March 4th.