Tuesday night, about 200 members of the Cheyenne community gathered at First Baptist Church to talk about developing solutions to the epidemic problem of school bullying.

There has been tremendous concern for this issue for a couple of years,but it seemed to heighten to new levels with the untimely "bullycide" of young Alexander Frye, a 13 year old Carey Jr. High School Student on January 1 of this year.

The Townhall was sponsored by AM650 KGAB and The Morning Zone's Dave Chaffin was the moderator. Wyoming's First Lady, Carol Mead was the keynote speaker, and she spoke of her heightened awareness and concern for the issue as a mother of two public school students and the need for all of us to make solutions a priority in our community and in Wyoming. Other members of the panel inculed Lynn Huylar from Safe Harbor, Ann Siebert with The Parent Leadership Training Network,  M. Lee Hasenauer community activist and candidate for Laramie County Commission, and Marvin and Darlene Nash from The Bullying Hurts organization, but perhaps the most emotional and motivating remarks came from Lauren Bard, Alex Frye's sister, who spoke to the group about positive solutions as the best legacy for Alex.

A number of audience members spoke to various possible solutions and others turned in hundreds of written suggestions to the panel, who committed to take those solutions and present them to the various groups and organizations in the community that work with young people to put them into action to help stamp out bullying.