Exactly who is killing whom in Iraq, and why? Do we need a scorecard to distinguish the various factions at work, and to attempt to understand differing agendas and modes of destruction?Army Reserve Lt. Colonel Kerry C. Kachejian, a West Point engineer who was called back to direct operations for the rebuilding of Iraq in a deadly, chaotic war zone, will share his informed, personal insights to shed light on the different forces wreaking death and destruction on this war-torn country. In an eye-opening, dynamic interview today at 7:37AM MDT on The Morning Zone.

At 8:07, prepare for a great discussion with our man down on the border, John Marshall. As usual, john has a long list of news stories from along our southern border that just never seem to make main stream media, but definitely shed lots of light on the issues of illegal immigration, drug smuggling and the agenda of the drug cartels.

Then at 9:07 Rick Collard and Baylie Evans will guest from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.  They will be discussing the Dog Jog coming up  Saturday, Sept. 24! It is their second-largest fundraiser of the year. Participants are welcome to bring their dogs and either run 3 miles around the lake at Lions Park or walk 1 mile. They'll have certificates for the race winners and great prizes for the people who raise the most money. You can start raising money now by printing the pledge form from their website and asking friends, family, neighbors,etc. for donations. Bring the money with you for registration on the24th and earn incentives. Anyone that raises $30 or more will take home a prize. And top fundraisers will earn prizes like getaways to Black Hawk, Elitch's passes, etc. Last year, the event raised about $22,000 for orphaned animals, and we'd love to see that number go even higher

this year! CAS's involvement in transporting 2 Belgian Tervuren dogs to Iowa - Last
week, CAS coordinated with a rescue group based in Wisconsin called the
Belgian Tervuran Rescue to transport two dogs about 750 miles from
Cheyenne to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The former owner surrendered them to us
when something happened that meant she could no longer care for them.
Because they are somewhat older dogs (10 and 6) and might have required
long-term medication and needed to be placed together, they would have
been difficult to find a home for here. So we found a volunteer willing
to drive 1,500 miles round trip to get them to their new home.

Hogs for Dogs - The 4th Annual Hogs for Dogs event last month went well.
We had about a 10% increase in riders this year. There were about 220
riders. We made a little more money this year as well, which of course
will help us save lives. There were some great prizes, including a
really nice leather jacket, and there were several comments about how
fun the ride was this year. So we hope to see even more people out next

Rabies update - Rabies is still here, and it is still crucial that
people are vaccinating their pets. So far, it hasn't been detected in
domestic animals yet, but it is still absolutely possible that a
domestic animal could contract it. If you come across an animal that is
acting strangely, aggressive or scared or disoriented, call animal
control right away.