Today is a very special day on The Morning Zone:

We will kick it off at 6:30AM MST with Morning Zone Host, Dave Chaffin emceeing the the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce "Eggs and Issues breakfast" live from the historic Plains Hotel ballroom. Local legislators will be discussing legislation impacting the community.You can hear it all on KGAB's Morning Zone. Confirmed legislators include: Sen. Fred Emerich, Sen. Floyd Esquibel, Sen. Wayne Johnson, Sen. Leslie Nutting, Rep. Jim Byrd, Rep. Pete Illoway, Rep. Bob Nicolas, and Rep. Mary Throne.

7:37AM MST: Rich Moore will be in studio with Travis Lingenfelter from Pointe Frontier Retirement Community in Cheyenne. Travis continues his series on Aging and Retirement in the era of the retiring baby-boomers, and will be discussing fraud scams that target seniors and how we all, as  a community, need to be aware.

8:07AM MST: Dave is back from the Chamber breakfast and will be talking with our middle eastern expert, Micah Halpern about the latest on the escalating rhetoric between Iran and the west on their refusal to halt nuclear development, and the latest on the violence in Syria and the U.S. concern that Assad may be readying chemical weapons to use against the rebels.

8:37AM MST: Wendy Wright guests.On the surface, it’s another attack on a Coptic Christian village by a Muslim mob, this time 3,000 of them, burning homes and shops to the ground and looting where they can.But, as Wendy Wright of Christian Freedom International (CFI), can explain, beneath the story is an even greater concern—a systemic case of Christian persecution that is growing since Mubarak was toppled, the military assumed control and the Muslim Brotherhood continues to win parliament seats.
According to witnesses, when the violence began in this most recent incident, it took the authorities one hour to drive two kilometers to the scene. It is a trend, they say, whereby the army stands down until the Muslim perpetrators satisfy their thirst for violence and their aggression begins to abate. Then, the army finally shows up.It is one of many signs indicating Egypt’s new powers that be have little intention of protecting its Christian citizens. Wright will discuss these developments in Egypt further as part of what her organization is now calling the Christian Winter—the Arab Spring follow up of collateral damage befalling minority Christians throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

9:07AM MST: Dr Mark Stock, Superintendent of Laramie County School District #1 visits with Dave about the many issues facing the District with the legislature in session on funding, school siting, and an update on the bullying ombudsman program.