Gary Freeman hosts Across America on AM 650 KGAB Saturday afternoons from 1-3. Today, he takes us on a tour of the best places in Cheyenne for those who want to bring the dog along, and calls out a few places that cater especially to our best friends.


One of the reason Petco’s employees love to come to work is because they can bring pets to work. They are able to bring their dogs to meetings and when it’s break time for them, what better way to relieve the stress than to spend time with that favorite four-legged, furry friend? If they can bring their pets in, so can you! Your dog will love coming to Petco to meet other “singles” as you shop for new accessories for them and or drop in for their bi-weekly grooming. Either way, your dog is a welcome friend.

Nirvana Pet Spa

501 E. Pershing Blvd.

On or locally at 638-6772

Nirvana Pet Spa is thrilled to offer your pets the most indulgent spa packages using only natural products to lavish your four-footed friends. They have specialists with over 13 years experience in pet CPR and can handle the most problematic dogs, even those that have never been groomed before! Nirvana Pet Spa welcomes all breeds of dogs and cats, even guinea pigs! You enjoy a spa for yourself, now you can allow your dog to be pampered too! Open Tues – Fri from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. Sat 8-5.

Nancy Mockler Dog Park

800 Southwest Dr., at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Do you want to take your pooch outside? What better place than taking them to the park? The dog park that is! The park was opened in 2003 and is also known as the Nancy Mockler Dog Park. The Cheyenne Community Dog Park is a safe and dog-friendly place for you to take your little Buffy for a walk, jog or run.

There is a separate area for smaller and elderly dogs less than 30 pounds. The special needs dogs have a place that provides them shade and benches. There are open spaces for your dog to run wild through the grassy areas,not to mention the picnic tables and gazebo’s provided for you to aide in keeping an eye on your dogs. A double gate at the entrance is there to help contain those wandering dogs with escape-prone tendencies.

What a great place to spend any morning with your canine comrade for exercise and socializing. The park hours run from 11-6 weekdays and 12-5 weekends. See you there — and don’t forget to carry a pooper scooper with you!

Terry Bison Ranch

51 I-25 Service Rd. off Terry Ranch Rd.


Not only is this a great camping place but also a great place to stretch your dog’s legs as well. You’ll find spacious areas at Terry Bison Ranch for your dog to roam on the front  range and that right in the camping area.

There is a handy dog walk area at the campground to take your pooch for a stroll. All dogs great and small are allowed on the ranch and there are no additional pet fees. Be sure you have your dog on a leash when roaming the grounds and be sure to pick up anything ol’ Fido might leave behind.


3773 E. Lincolnway, on Facebook or locally at 632-7888

While most of the items here are of the reflective sort, we understand the Memorial Day holiday is the unofficial opening of the summer season and many of us will want to do something fun outside over the long weekend.

Unfortunately, after promising mild and sunny weather all week, the weatherman has downgraded his forecast of the weekend. It now looks like it’s merely going to be cool, with a good chance of rain and lightning. That said, if you can avoid the weather, Curt Gowdy is just up the road from here and offers a great chance to make sure your boat is ready for the summer, and to fire up some charcoal. If you’re particularly intrepid, you might find a dry patch to camp in, even.