Jon is our resident computer guru, and agreed to share some top ideas for treating Dad on Father’s Day.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s important to do something for the old man. I, for one, don’t do cards, so I figured I’d share a few of the ideas I’ve been parsing. I hope you can find something of use for your own dad.

1. Warren Golf Course

On base: take Gate 1 from Randall / Pershing Aves. (map)

Green Fees: $20 weekdays, $25 weekends and holidays

Website, Facebook, or 773-3556.

We’ve written about the Warren golf course before, as a great place to meet singles. Unless Dad is separated, er, exercise caution crossing those two thoughts, but anyway….

As we’ve pointed out, getting on base can be a pain, but it’s worth the trouble. You’re going to have to call ahead for tee-times and arrange for getting through security. (Even if you’re current- or prior-service, you’ve got to set a tee-time, unless you buy a season pass.) But the way I look at it, is it keeps the riff-raf out.

Once you’ve arrived and set up, I think you’re agree the base course is probably the nicest in Cheyenne. It is also the longest in town, a par 72 6,665 yards. Dad should like it, too, assuming you sandbag a little.

2. Brewfest

The Depot Plaza (map)

Cost: $20 cover includes 7 beers

Website, Facebook or 432-5395.

Let me tell you about a deal. A screaming deal. For $20 you can come to the Wyoming Brewers Festival on the Depot Plaza. Some weekends $20 is the cover charge at at least one local tavern. But $20 doesn’t merely get you through the gate. It also includes seven beer tickets.

Do the math: for $40, you and pops can get some serious suds. And not just the usual Bud Light, either. Among the brewers: Crow Peak, New Belgium, Grand Teton, Odell, Alaskan, Snake River and my personal favorite, Pabst. (Yes, Pabst!) There are 29 in all, for a total of over 80 brews to sample.

Oh, and don’t worry that you’re going to get nailed after you and Dad drink the first seven of your beers. You can get four more brews for $5. By the time you’ve gotten that deep into it, your math may be suffering, so let me help you out: that’s a 12-pack for $15 — less than what you’re likely to pay for many of these brews at the liquor store.

Give your father a message from me: “You’re welcome.”

Vedauwoo. (© Mariah Green)

3. Camping

Vedauwoo: via Happy Jack Road or I-80 West (map)

Price: Supplies and, maybe, a permit

A Facebook page of other fans of the area

If Mother Nature decides to cooperate with your Father, stealing away for a weekend might be a better idea than just about anything else. (That way you don’t have to pretend to be sophisticated while drinking some sort of black beer you can’t pronounce anyway.) I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but Vedauwoo is an excellent way to accomplish a little commune with nature.

If you decide to stay at one of the improved sites on the I-80 side of the area, you will have to pay a nominal fee, which brings access to pump water and latrines. If you want to be a little further out there, you can stay pretty much any old place in the wilderness without a permit. Of course, I don’t need to remind you: take plenty of beer (and water!), pack out your trash, and don’t be an idiot and start a forest fire. We’ve had a good wet spring here, but with the pine beetle pandemic, there is plenty of fuel up there if you’re not careful. And tell dad not to snore too loud. It scares the coyotes.

4. Lions Park

Central Cheyenne (map)

Price: Free

Website, 637-6429

So maybe Dad doesn’t want to load up the tent and haul it 40 minutes west to Vedauwoo. Maybe his back is out and sleeping on the ground just doesn’t have the allure it used to. I am (truly) sympathetic. And maybe he just doesn’t want to miss the Brewfest?

Well, it’s a lot easier to throw a cooler and some Kingsford in the back of the car and slip on over to Lions Park for a BBQ. After a cool, wet spring, isn’t it time you and the old man got outside, burned some steak, and enjoyed the goodness of June in Cheyenne. And you’ll be home by bedtime.

5. Chugwater Chili Cookoff

Staats Park, Chugwater (:45 north of Cheyenne on I-25 — map)

Cost: Fuel plus $10 per person

If you need to get your dad out of town for Father’s Day, why not head for Chugwater and its famous chili cookoff? (I’ll just tell you now: there are no acceptable answers to that question.) Chugwater has been at it for a quarter-century now, and this year’s event boasts not only the chili, but all sorts of other stuff. A car show, motorcycle show, art show, wine tasting, bicycle race and other games will keep everyone happy once they’ve filled their stomachs. And keep in mind Chugwater’s event is the state championship chili cookoff, someone the roughnecks have been perfecting for generations in these parts. Make dad proud.