A new study from PEW Research shows that, while the percentage of American fathers who live apart from their children has doubled over the last 50 years, many of today's dads are spending more than twice as much time with their kids as they did back then. Join us  at 7:07AM MDT on today's Morning Zone as our panelist, John Frentheway, Renee Hansen and Gary Freeman discuss the challenges of being a dad in today's world.

Then at 8:07 Marvin Nash from Bulling Hurts and the Nash Foundation will give us the details on the upcoming national conference on school bullying sponsored by the Nevada Attorney General's office in October,

At 9:07, we'll get into our regular monthly medical update with the folks from Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Phyllis Sherard, Director, Office of Community Health and Governmental Affairs will be our guest today.. She will be joined by Lynne Weidel, CEO of Cheyenne Health and Wellness Center. They will be discussing the Wyoming Integrated Care Network recently formed by Wyoming hospitals. The focus is for hospitals to work together to provide integrated care for the people of Wyoming. It’s a loose affiliation at this point. Phyllis can explain the details. A press release about the network is pasted below.

·         the Partnership for Patients pledge recently taken by Cheyenne Regional and several hospitals around the state. The focus of this pledge is to provide quality care. I will forward information sent out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid about this pledge/partnership.

·         Goal Connect, a community-based care management system being built in Laramie County for care coordination and navigating the health and human service safety net system. There are several community partners, including Cheyenne Health and Wellness. Lynne can offer a clinician partner’s point of view about the need for this management system.