Audio player hack for WP3.4.2

First off, insert the URL to your audio file, as if you were going to have people right click to download:

Once you've done that, go into the HTML tab and rinse away all of the code, leaving the naked URL behind (clean code is before, highlighted is rinsed:)

Next, manually add in the player code, in the form:

Note the syntax: left square bracket, colon, URL, pipe, equal sign, free text for player title with spaces, right square bracket. No spaces anywhere except in the URL for the file, if necessary, and in the player title. You should end up with something similar to:

Which gives us:

Serves eight. Add a dash of Google for a few more, a splash of Facebook to feed the masses. Repeat as necessary. Some restrictions apply. Not valid in Alabama.

**Edit: I know this is closer to script kiddie than hack. Don't make me say I did it for the LULZ.