[/caption]Join "Across America" this Saturday in the 2pm hour (MST) when we talk with Aquanaut Mission Commander Dennis Chamberland as he sheds some light about the underwater colony "Atlantica Expeditions" scheduled to launch in 2012!

The underwater colony project is composed of some of the most accomplished and competent undersea and space explorers of the 21st century.  The "Atlantica Expeditions" have more certified aquanauts with more logged undersea time living and working beneath the sea than any other project in history.  The team consists of habitat designers and builders, submarine systems engineers, nuclear engineers, space system engineers and designers, astronauts, scientists, engineers of many kinds, environmental specialists, professional journalists, psychologists, Hollywood producers, teachers and educational specialists.  They hold many world records in undersea duration and excursion depth.  In short, they have assembled the critical mass of both intellect and accomplished expertise to establish the first permanent undersea colony in history and Veteran Aquanaut Mission Commander Dennis Chamberland will tell us all about it!