Cheyenne City Councilwoman Amber Ash says even though she's heard a fair amount of criticism of the city's new Unified Development Code from businesses and developers who say it increases their costs, other council members apparently haven't--and as a result, there is little support on the council to repeal the code, which took effect in April. Ash says she recently heard from a man who owns a chain of gas stations who said the code would cost him an extra $100, 000 for each of four new stations he was interested in opening in Cheyenne. Ash says she's heard a number of other criticisms of the new code, but says because most of the people complaining want to remain anonymous, it's impossible for those comments to carry much weight with the rest of the council. Ash says she thinks most UDC critics want to remain anonymous because they are afraid of reprisals from city officials for speaking out on the issue.