Every time I think I have seen just about the dumbest decisions ever made regarding road construction in our fair city, sure enough, something new convinces me otherwise. Case in point...the milling and resurfacing projects now simultaneously under way on Central and Warren Avenues between East Pershing Blvd. and 8th Avenue by contractors hired by WYDOT..

Residents in the area comprising the "Avenues" just got the bad taste out of their mouth for having access to their homes made all but impossible by curb and gutter work through August and September. Now We find our streets blocked once again, and access to our homes nearly impossible. For example if you live anywhere on 1st Avenue to 8th Avenue between East Pershing and 8th Avenue, you have to traverse all 8 blocks if you want to access Central Avenue going south and there is only one lane of Warren and Central open meaning traffic moves at a snails pace, if at all. Looks like this is going on for a while, AND WILL LIKELY BE EXTENDED BY THE INCOMING WINTER STORM.

Next time WYDOT, you want to do major construction like this, you may want to give some much better thought and ...hey, here is a novel idea, get resident input before you close us in for months at a time...Oh yes, and for now my major construction of the month award is hereby presented to the WYDOT engineers who came up with this hair-brained idea.