Guns are a big part of our way of life here in Cheyenne and so should safety of those firearms. It makes no sense to use a firearm incorrectly and harm our self or a loved one in the process.

Today on KGAB Mornings, we had the privilege of talking to Randy who knows a lot about firearms and firearm safety. In the radio segment, we brought to light some things that were good for the beginner as well as the old school pro.

When handling a firearm, always assume that it is loaded and keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

When you're not using a firearm, it is a good idea to unload them, should someone else grab a hold of it and inadvertently squeeze the trigger.

When purchasing a firearm as a gift, be careful. A caller asked about purchasing a firearm for a cousin as a gift. Randy told her that she would be in violation of the "Straw Law." This means making a purchase like a firearm or alcohol on behalf of someone else.

When loading, check the type of ammunition. Randy said that he has seen people fire the wrong size round through a barrel that required a different size.

When switching out parts and pieces, for goodness sake, never, never alter a firearm barrel or trigger as you could really hurt or potentially kill someone. The manufacturer has made the firearm for a reason, and the last thing we need to do is tamper with it.

All the time is a good time to think about gun safety. A firearm training class is a great idea for all of us, old and young, in order to stay fit when it comes to maintaining, handling and shooting.

For more information on how to received firearm training, contact the Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club.