The Universal Energies Of Romance, And It's Components-Honor, Faith, Family, Community, Happy Endings...Can It Help Heal The American Divide?

Join Reid and four talented Romance Authors from Utah as they explore a literary genre--and it's tendrils of religious inspiration, modern action, American and western history, adventurous erotica and yes, even the paranormal.
Could they serve as one of the healing platforms for the purposefully divisive political climate of today?

You will be surprised. Romantic literature is neither a sissy read, nor the formulaic bodice rippers that are its stereotype.  Modern romance authors incorporate the pillars of American values in their stories--faith, family, constitution, community, honor, loyalty, self reliance--and yes, the epic struggle between right and wrong, and good and evil.

Reid, Clancy Metzger, Joy Spraycar, Jennifer Beckstrand, and LisaDeon Williams debate the unifying flow of a writing style that transcends left, right, male, female, race, religion and is known for its happy endings and theme of hope. The perfect New Years thought before we roll up our sleeves with the January shows, plunge into the nitty gritty of 2013 and resume our role in the resurrection of America from it's current intentionally beleaguered state. HAPPY NEW YEAR! THINK ROMANCE! THINK AMERICA!