7:07AM MDT:  Jayne Jones, and Alicia Long, guest with host Dave Chaffin.  They are the co-authors of Capitol Hell  and began their political careers working for former Senator Norm Coleman (MN) as staffers in both his St. Paul, MN and Washington, D.C. offices. Fast friends, the two stuck together through thick and thin, recently joining forces to write a novel about life as a Capitol Hill staffer.Jayne and Alicia love America. But, they hate the Immigration Reform Act of 2013 and believe current law plus real border security is the solution to America's illegal immigration problem. Not, blanketed amnesty.You break the law. You pay the consequence. You made a decision to come to America illegally. You go back home.

7:37AM MDT:  Dan Epstein, Dan Epstein, is Cause of Action’s executive and will guest to discuss concerns that the White House is blatantly politicizing the FOIA process, ultimately obstructing the President’s pledge to transparency?

8:07AM MDT: Open Lines...Time for you to be Dave's guest. Call the program and share your thoughts at 1-888-503-6500 toll free or locally at 307-6732-6500 or 632-3323.

9:07AM MDT: Time to talk about all things green and growing. Shane Smith, Director of Cheyenne's Botanic Gardens in back to update us on the latest from the gardens and to take your gardening questions and comments.